GranD Central Staffing

Anton Danielsen founded Grand Central Staffing in March of 2002. Earlier in his career, with time spent in business development with Mark Staffing Solutions, Anton learned how to promote and present a staffing service to the unique Calgary marketplace.

Anton later joined a start up Industrial staffing agency in its first year of business. He helped grow this company over the next three years to do 3.4 million in annual sales. Anton served all aspects of the business from sales to dispatch,recruiting,and accounting. With this knowledge  and passion, Grand Central Staffing was created.

Grand Central Staffing is now in its 16th year of business and is called upon by over seventy transport and warehouse companies in Calgary. Grand Central staffing has built a reputation of delivering personnel to site at any hour of the day to ensure client needs are taken care of and the work completed. 

Grand Central Staffing is Customer Service, Communication, Availability and Teamwork. 

Contact us:
Anton Danielsen (President) 403 714-1742 
8:00am - 11:00pm

Day Dispatch - 403 714-3275
Night Dispatch - 403 714-3394

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